Data recovery on iPhones – A complete Guide In The Nutshell

Most of the people who own smartphones go through data loss because it is very common. This happens normally when you change the settings of your smartphone. If you install a new app, change the setting, or update your mobile phone to the latest operating system there is a chance that you can North find the data you had in it before resetting. there is a possibility that your smartphone can sometimes freeze or hang during the installation process and you can lose the smartphone settings. You may find that your smart phone will not turn back on after restarting or the data will go missing. No this is a very frustrating thing to go through if you depend a lot on your smartphone and you have personal information saved in it ranging from your email to your bank details etc. if any such thing happens what should you do you can always save the data stored on the device by following simple steps.

Where Is The Data Stored On Smartphones

The data in an iPhone is always saved in the device’s internal memory. iPhone have a different sized NAND flash memory chip depending on its model. You can also save the data as backup on your computer via iTunes or iCloud. Same goes for Apple’s iPads. On the other hand, when you talk about androids, they have different methods of storing data. Along with the internal memory many devices come with a micro-SD card slot where you can enter a memory card and expand the device’s storage capacity. Things like your Contacts or address book can also be saved on their devices SIM card. Most of these smartphones come with 32GB or 64GB capacity in them these days. Depending on this capacity you should know how you have to use it.

Can You Recover Data Yourself

If your smartphone has not encountered any physical or internal damage you can try to solve the problem yourself. This however comes with its own risks because you have to be an expert to do it yourself. There are some software solutions in the market that can transfer the stored data easily via a USB cable to a computer.

The validity of this method only depends on whether the device is recognized as a removable hard disk on your computer. The software solutions that are available in the market can easily recover the deleted data if you have not waited for a long time and take it to the iPhone repair shop instantly. The more you wait the more there are chances to lose the data if the device overwrites something on your previous one. With the help of the storage clouds and software solutions it is possible to recover the data whether it is by yourself or through a professional. If however the data was saved into the SD card it is very easy to recover the data. You can simply take out a memory card out of your smartphone if it is acting up and insert it in another device. Call breeders are another way that can help you save the data on your memory card into your laptop or computer.

Problematic iPhone Recoveries

The methods that Android users can use are not usually available for Apple smartphones. For example, when we talk about using a card reader, it is not possible for Apple users to do it. As iPhones have a non-removable battery and the data is saved only inside the internal memory of the mobile phone. That is the reason why accessing the internal memory of an iPhone is difficult although it is possible if you ask a professional to do it. The professionals know about certain solutions and some recovery software that can help you get the data out of the device from the internal memory off your device.


Concluding, these are some of the ways that you can use in order to recover the data from your mobile phones whether they are Android or iPhones. iPhone and Android although use different ways but it is not very difficult to recover data from them if you seek professional help. You can always take your phones to an authorized repair center and get them fixed instantly.

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