Features to try in Android and iOS Phones

The debate between Apple and on Android has been going on for many years and the users still continue to rage on it. All they argue about is which is a better product than what they do. Cell phone hardware is also very different from each other. However, features have always been better when it comes to Apple. It is however difficult to do such a thing conclusively. Because there are some features that are found in Android but not in iOS. To help the users determine what is best here is a quick information of some of Android features that are not found in Apple devices.

Android: Split Screen Mode

Split screen mode not found in iPhone repair. This feature is very helpful for anyone who uses the smartphone for work. Being able to view into two apps at once is a thing that increases productivity and lets you get more in less time. Android users have been enjoying these features for a long time now and this is not yet found in Apple.

Apple Airdrop

Apple’s Airdrop feature is an incredibly popular feature that is not found in Android phones. This feature helps you to share media files between Apple devices with the help of Bluetooth connection. It is very easy to send photos from your iPhone to your iPad or to your Macbook. You can easily share photos with family and friends if the other person has an iPhone too. The feature comes with a customizable security setting that can allow you to determine your visibility as well.

Android: Guest Account

Guest account is a feature that makes sharing your phone with others stress free. By using this feature, you can allow your phone to limit what you want the other person to access before you lend it to someone. In this mode, Android users can only access default apps on the Android operating system. If you are logged in in any of the apps or accounts no one will be able to access those features. This feature is very handy for parents who want their kids to watch YouTube videos. the parents do not have to worry about anything while lending their phone to their kids.

Apple: Wi-Fi Password Sharing

IOS 11 has made the exciting new password sharing feature easier than ever. By using this feature, you do not have to explain the complex password to your guests. You can simply hold your iPhone close to another person and share your password with the other person’s device.

Android: Storage Upgrades

The biggest advantage androids have over Apple products is off storage updates. Our phones have become an integral part of our careers and home lives, and it is very important to save all these things in them. iPhone do not provide their users with storage updates when it comes to it. But the Android smartphones have an additional storage option where you can enter a micro-SD card and they also provide you with storage updates when storage is reaching beyond the limit.

Android: Choice of File Managers

Android gives you the flexibility of choosing a file management system that works for you. If you prefer something minimal then there are many options for you to cater your style. There are file managers that come with minimalistic or Royal style, the way you want. Some of the final managers are loaded with features, organization options and customization whereas others come with very simple views. It is only a matter of something that works best for you and how you like to use your phone.

Android: Home Screen Customization

If you like to customize your phone Android has several features in it that makes it easy for you. You can use a widget to access information quickly and you can use the themes you want according to your taste. You can either go minimalistic or you can choose trendy or classy style. Android has been the most compatible phone when it comes to such features.


concluding, these are some of the features that are exclusive of androids and iPhones. If you want, you can decide what you want for yourself. However, both phones come with their own qualities and their cons so it depends on you whatever you want to go with.

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